What’s in a title? Mother, wine merchant, educator?

Whats in a title? Mother, purveyor of fine wine, cellar advisor, educator, blogger, marketeer, broker…. I’m involved in aspects of each and every one of the above for the ever increasing family business(s) in Ireland. Is there a job title for this? Formality adds complications, complications are unnecessary. As a mother of four, the understanding of the necessity of flexibility is prevalent in my life. I love my work, love my family, love wine. Balance is apparently key. Easier said than done.
Next Friday the Institute of Masters of Wine announce their new Masters of Wine. With baby number 4 still crawling I submitted the final part of my studies, the Research Paper. Please God let me feature in this new crop. What I hope above all if my name comes up, is that it’s not my title people will be looking at, but the personality and drive that has got me there. We are the individuals who contribute to an amazing industry. Qualities run strong, passion flows deep. This is wine.
This short piece is, I suspect a little OTT. But hey, 7 years of study culminate in a yes or no next Friday. It’s hard to think about anything else. Only two of my boys can remember me pre MW studies. Let’s start the next chapter. Wish me luck!

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  1. Veronica /

    Fingers and toes crossed. Hopefully we can raise a glass to you next Saturday ?

    1. Harriet Tindal / Post Author

      Looking forward to raising a few glasses to you and Mark!! x

  2. Shirley stirzaker /

    Best of luck ??

    1. Harriet Tindal / Post Author

      Thanks Shirley, fingers crossed..

  3. Andrew O Brien /

    Best of luck Harriet, lots of hard work to get to this stage.

    1. Harriet Tindal / Post Author

      Thanks Andrew, much appreciated

  4. Stephen Mcfarland /

    Best of luck ?

  5. Liam Mycroft /

    Fingers and toes crossed for you. I may be only an amateur at this game, but so happy to see hard work rewarded in this world of wine.

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