Valentines.. Is it about the Romance?

Went to bed last night feeling smug in the knowing that I had a card written and waiting beside the bed to hand to my loved one in the morning. Romance isn’t dead in our house but 2 children, a baby, a job each and a wedding to organise means that it’s fairly dormant!

5.30am handed my lover his card and turned over for another 40 winks chuffed in the knowing that I was first to deliver… till later when I went into the kitchen to find roses and a card on the table, have to say it made my day.

Into the office. It’s Monday, will anyone be heading out ‘ce soir’ for a soppy supper? Surprisingly yes, great news for our customers, it’s may be Monday but the Men in Tindals are dining in their districts tonight.

If however the babysitter has a better offer, the car is clamped or the bank is beyond empty here are some wines suggestions and a cheeky chocolate pudding that just jumped at me on Twitter…

For pure Valentines Kitsch it has to be the Lanson Rose NV in a shocking Pink Bottle.

If you can get past the packaging the contents will fill the silences pretty well. (€58.50)

For the Italian Stallion out there a big juicy red would hit the spot. Ancora Sangiovese di Puglia 2009 would hit the spot and not the wallet. Value is important and this would have to be one of the best value Valentines wines out there. Or if you wish to be clever and push the boat out, choose one of Australia’s Producer of the Years wines. His name is Larry Cherubino!

Whatever you plan to eat, this choc pud looks amazing, am going to race home this evening and don the apron to try this. Wedding diet, smedding diet!

And here’s something surprising about Valentines day!

Teachers receive the most valentines, followed by kids, mothers, wives and sweethearts.

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