The Return of the Ash Cloud Part 2

Wines to drink while sitting under an Ash Cloud
  • Some sparkles to cheer you up
    • Personally I’ll be sipping Lanson Vintage 98. 5* in Decanter.
  • A wine with some smoky undertones
    • Altair one of Chile’s top wines, with hints of cedar, soke and spice would do nicely here.
  • A quaffer (we want to save some money for when the AC moves and we can fly on our hols) with a link to global disturbances
    • Ca’di Ponti Sicilian range, fertilised with the ash of Mount Etna!
  • And finally we can but dream… a wine to help us fly with our own wings
    • Our very own Swallow’s Tale from South Africa
Note to reader!! All wines are available to buy through our stockists nationwide. Please contact us if you’d like prices and outlets. Or indeed if you are an outlet and you’d like to stock these very necessary Ash Cloud solutions!!

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