South African Trip Part 4: Hamilton Russell, Bouchard Finlayson and… a swim!

Saturday 5th Feb

Nice place for a tasting!

This was a whistle stop tour so no rest for the wicked. Up and off the meet the man behind the label at Hamilton Russell. For videos click on the green links in the text.



To make sure us at Tindal Wine Merchants definitely have the pick of the crop AT took a detour to Bouchard Finlayson where the wines he tasted were “better” which in everyday tasting language means he enjoyed more than a couple of them!

A big wine shop in Hermanus proved very helpful when asked about who they hold in high regard in the region. Tick, tick, tick all of our wines were on the list… of course! Have to make sure we bring the best home you know!

Hermanus is hot at this time of year and all this tasting and talking had taken its toll on the old man who dived into a little cove full of old ladies. The water was rather warmer than it should have been apparently!

That evening Dewald Louw and his wife Anaelle our old friends from Major’s Hill cooked up a Brae for Anthony. Dewald rivals AT on the height (& size!) stakes so let’s just presume that no one went hungry!

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