South African Trip Day 2: Saxenburg Vineyards and Warwick Tasting

Thursday 3rd Feb

Saxenburg Team

The team at Saxenburg

Adrian and Vincent Buhrer from Saxenburg

The morning was spent at Saxenburg where Anthony known in this incidence as the ‘dude with the shaky camera!’ filmed hours of coverage … pretty informative stuff at that! For his up to the minute Video blog click on each link below:

After lunch it was off to Warwick to meet Mike Fowl. James Dare MD was also there and they were waxing lyrical about the new partnership with Villa Fonte from the US. Catch up with their chat and the wines here. The wines were excellent and helped the big man get into his stride for the tastings ahead.

Wednesday and Thursday nights were spent at Saxenburg with the Triple S Shiraz being the now blossoming cameraman’s companion on the Thursday night.

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