South Africa Trip Part 3: Neil Ellis & Iona Visits

Friday 4th Feb

Neil Ellis

Warren Ellis

Off to meet Neil Ellis at his digs up the road. Neil was on hand to meet and greet and spent the morning showing his wines to Anthony with Chrrianto Oosthuizen a Managing Director of Neil Ellis. Later they all headed up to the hills in Elgin to see the vines and met Neil’s son Warren who took AT for a trip round the vineyards. They discussed issues with altitude and irrigation and the black grapes that Neil Ellis cultivate.

Warren Ellis and Anthony 'discussing' the vines.

Buoyed up by all his sampling Anthony then headed onto Iona (see what the competition brings in!) After a few dead ends and some filming on the open road ‘just me and my Toyota’ he reached his destination where he had a really enjoyable tasting with them. Afterwards finding his way back to Harbour House Hotel in Hermanus for a good nights rest.

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