South Africa 2011: The Weekend of leisurely fishing!

'Found' Nemo!

Thursday 10th

February Back to Major’s Hill in Robertson. Where Anthony spent the morning with Dewald discussing the next vintage of Swallows’ Tale and put a lot of thought into which newly pressed juice should be put in the blend. Dewald wanted to keep the old man on his toes and held an impromptu blind tasting with some of the samples collected that week. Luckily Major’s Hill came out really strong, as did the Triple S (AT obviously knew these instantly!!).

Friday 11th February

Off to Uni Wines the company who provide us with some of the Fairtrade Wines on our list. A big operation there, not too up to date, but not too shabby either.

Saturday 12th February

Back to Major’s Hill to prepare for some deep sea fishing on the Sunday! Click here for a trip around the vineyards where the Swallows’ Tale grapes are sourced.

Sunday 13th

February Dewald and Anthony headed out to the high seas in search of a worthy adversary! Not content with having roamed with the lions, stampeded with the elephants and slithered with the snakes earlier in the week they took to the water and went to sea! Anticipation was mighty, AT was slightly nervous and the tension on the boat was obvious, until….. they caught the first shark.

Dewald with a 'big 'un' on the line!!

They contented themselves with picking on 'Nemo'!

After an exhilarating day out the boys headed back to the car and Dewald dropped AT back to his hut at Saxenburg where he spent the evening talking about Nico Van de Meers Wines with the great winemaker himself.


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