Pascal Playon our man from Clare.


First up on the biog list is Pascal. Pascal has the accent that immediately makes us think he’s an expert… il est francais! Starting off as a Somelier at Dromoland Castle Pascal’s Palate is excellent and he’s first to comment if one of our new wines tastes anything other than great. We cornered him at the sales meeting and gained some insight into his tastes, travels and daily life:

His wine of the month: Catalan Eagle, Organic Garnacha Blanca & Viognier 2009 from the Terra Alta region of Spain. Pascal’s comments were (with a French accent): “Viognier done to perfection, this quality is rarely found outside Condrieu.” When asked why he chose no wine from his home country, his answer was “bouff” with a Gallic shrug of the shoulders.

What he would cook with this wine? A white fish in sauce with aromatic herbs.

Why? The Viognier excels with the aromatics and the Grenache give the wine the body to deal with the sauce.

Where can people in your area of Cork sample this wine? Greenes Restaurant and as of this month it’s a pouring wine at Castlemartyr Resort .

Your wife is expecting you 3rd baby in April, what grape will you name it after? Viognier – (Let’s hope it’s a girl then!)

Food hate? Takeaways

Food fav? Chicken chasseuse

Do you cook? Mais oui! At weekends Pascal slaves for 2 to 3 hours taking recipes from his favourite books:

–          L’Ecrivain Cook Book (More dinner party but excellent)

–          Tannery Cook Book (more casual, done most of them!)

–          Rick Stein

Pascal you are quite the food lover… do you have wild boar in your garden? No, but I plant ‘zee’ vegetables and ‘ave a compost ‘eap.

What are your favourite grape varieties? Pinot Noir & Syrah

Best restaurant experience ever? French Laundry in Napa Valley.

Most amazing wine you have ever drunk? “The next one!” Most memorable so far was Chateau Latour 1970.

We love Pascal, his smiley face and incomprehensible accent brighten our day whenever he ventures into the big smoke. If you have anything you’d like to ask Pascal please just do so below.

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