Paris2Nice. Nigel pedals through France for the Laura Lynn Foundation

You may have heard about Henry Tindal’s solo cycle to Australia a few months ago, well Nigel Werner our Director of Fine Wine is peddling through France for charity. He’s slightly older than Henry, so we’ll forgive him for stopping short of Sydney! Nigel has been training for months and is looking well on it ;-).

Nigel having completed one of his training runs.

Nigel having completed one of his training runs.

Most of you probably already know, but the Laura Lynn charity is Ireland’s only children’s hospice and is a massively worthy charity. Nigel has donated special bottles from his cellar, hosted a wine tasting and is now cycling to Nice in aid of the cause. I think the least we can do is show our support through sponsorship! Please click here to donate. Below are details of the trip.

You can find details about the cycle on the Laura Lynn site here. And for those interested in the route, here is the itinerary:

Starting the cycle on Saturday September 19th, riders will set out from Paris arriving six days later in Nice.

Day 1: Saturday September 19th, Paris to Montargis 125km

Day 2: Sunday September 20th, Montargis to Nevers 145km

Day 3: Monday September 21st, Montmelima to Carpentras 90km

Day 4: Tuesday September 22nd, Carpentras to Aix-En-Provence 125km/164km

Day 5: Wednesday September 23rd, Aix-En-Provence to St. Maxime 127km

Day 6: Thursday September 24th, St. Maxime to Nice 110km


Day 7: Friday September 25th, Nice, RELAX!!! 


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