Ode to the latest Tindal… just in time for Christmas!

This morning I was intending to write a piece about the enjoyment that a decent bottle of wine can give at Christmas. Instead it’s going emotional…. (apologies in advance!). My brother Willy just rang up with the amazing news that he and his wonderful wife Holly have had their first child, a baby boy. Fantastic, wondrous, incredible… life is amazing. We could now go into a selling suggestion spree on what they’ll be drinking to celebrate the birth of their first child, instead let’s just sit back and look at how lucky some of us are.

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First: Most of us are fortunate enough to have a loving family, which at this time of year is what makes Christmas so special. It is the only time that families get together and actually have time to sit and relax in each other’s company (be it after a decent bottle or two or not!).


Second: We live in Ireland, it’s a country free of war, disease and dictatorial rule. Though we can’t say that Ireland is entirely free of poverty, we can say that as a nation we are generous and charitable and strive to help out others who may be struggling. We have rain, but isn’t that better than drought, forest fires and sunburn!


Third: Things are looking brighter, the depths of the recession are receding and the economy is showing sure signs of recovery. Despite numerous attempts by governments past and present the people of Ireland have put their heads down and worked the country through the darkness and into a better place.


So this December, let’s all raise a glass to life and how it does certainly have its ups and they do serve to counterbalance the odd knock that comes our way. We will be opening a few special bottles to celebrate the birth of the latest Tindal but it will be the family and the occasion that makes them extra special and not whether it’s a vintage or a cuvée, though I do hope that there’s the odd bottle of Champagne Henriot’s Cuvée Enchantaleur is hanging around ;-).

PS… It does seem fortunate for the future drinking of this young Tindal that he has been born in what looks to set to be an impressive vintage year… expensive for any godparents or Aunts…eeek!

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