Lisa Reynaud from Jean Bousquet gave us an insight into their story last week.

Last week we had a visit from Lisa of Jean Bousquet. She spoke about their French roots and striving to find the most exciting terroir for wines outside France.


Jean Bousquet is a third generation winemaker, tired of producing wines in the Languedoc in the 80’s he headed off around the world in search of a region that offered it all. Tupungato in the foothills of the Andes was where he rested. Building roads, winery and planting vines where there was nothing.

2002 saw the first vintage. Since then they haven’t looked back. Organic, exporting worldwide, with a base in Europe and now one of the top 25 wineries in Argentina.

Just last week Jean Bousquet wines were all over the Decanter awards.

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