Domaine Jean Bousquet – The tale of a French family making wine in Argentina

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When you think about it Domaine Bousquet lacks the Spanish or Portuguese sounding origin that you would expect of a winery based in Argentina. This is because La Famile Bousquet hail from deepest Carcassonne. A wine family that strove to find the perfect site to grow wine. They wanted somewhere in the New World where they could experiment with varieties and rely on the constancy of settled weather. This place; decided in 1990 was Mendoza. It wasn’t however until 1997 that they purchased a parcel of land in Tupungato at 1200 metres (though at 110ha in French terms this was no parcel) and settled into making Argentinian wines the French way.


The cool nights and constant refreshing breezes allow them to make wines with more than a nod to the family’s european origins. It seems that they have succeeded in their mission statement to combine what they learned about making wine in France with the perfect climate and terroir in Mendoza. This is an avenue that they continue to follow, pursuing excellence with every vintage.

Anne, Labid AT WT

William and Anthony having Lunch with Labid and Anne at Domaine Bousquet

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And for those of you after a more visionary tale, here is their video…

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