April’s shaping up to be a rather Italian month!

As all of you who have been involved with the wonderful world of the web and it’s relevant intricacies will know nothing is straight forward! Web design or more dealing with the quirks of something you don’t quite ‘get’ is never easy. Hence the lack of calendar on our front page, a work which is still ‘in progress’ has been ‘in progress’ and probably will remain ‘in progress’ for a while longer… 😮 !!

So welcome to our new ‘CLOG’ aka our blog/calendar!

We have Luigi Piacenti from Premium Wine Services in Italy over for a few days and are spreading his knowledge far and wide. His wines from the Piemonte region in Italy are quite something especially the Gemma Barolo. He’s dining out all over Dublin for the week of 24th April:

Tuesday 24th April you can find him at Coppinger Row for a wine dinner, Wednesday it’s a Master Class at The Westbury; personally I’ve bagged a front row seat at this afternoon event. Finally on Thursday he’ll be sporting his products at the upstairs dining facilities of Harvey Nichols in Dundrum.

Details can be found on our facebook page or just comment here and we can send you the details.



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