• So, what did we get up to in 2017? Our Christmas Newsletter.

    Simon and William 'moodily' inspecting some vines in Spain...

    It’s Christmas time, Mistletoe and Wine…… It’s Christmaaaasssss…. Though all involved may well be frazzled and fried, exactly like a turkey on Christmas day, the big day is nearly here once more. Following that the arrival of a new year 2018; what will that bring? 2017 has been another year of ‘healthism’: This isn’t always a bad thing; I mean look at the athletes in our company: Damien Archer-Good our super salesman in the South completed his second Ironman, this time in Spain. An outstanding achievement for someone who likes to savour the succulence of a serious Sangiovese of an

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  • Ode to the latest Tindal… just in time for Christmas!


    A new Tindal is born…

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