• So, what did we get up to in 2017? Our Christmas Newsletter.

    Simon and William 'moodily' inspecting some vines in Spain...

    It’s Christmas time, Mistletoe and Wine…… It’s Christmaaaasssss…. Though all involved may well be frazzled and fried, exactly like a turkey on Christmas day, the big day is nearly here once more. Following that the arrival of a new year 2018; what will that bring? 2017 has been another year of ‘healthism’: This isn’t always a bad thing; I mean look at the athletes in our company: Damien Archer-Good our super salesman in the South completed his second Ironman, this time in Spain. An outstanding achievement for someone who likes to savour the succulence of a serious Sangiovese of an

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  • Really? The Rhône? Why?


    Rhône wine week. Will you ‘get your Rhône on’?!

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  • End of Year Report for Tindal Wine Merchants 2016



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  • Tindal and Tyrrell join forces – Press Release

    Simon in the vineyard 2012

    Tindal and Tyrrell join forces in the trade.

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  • Paris2Nice. Nigel pedals through France for the Laura Lynn Foundation

    Nigel having completed one of his training runs.

    Nigel, our Director of Fine Wine cycles from Paris to Nice for Charity.

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  • Why is wine always the ‘fall-guy’?

    We love food, we love wine, as a country we pride ourselves in relishing home grown produce, artisan products and high quality food. Why then, do we have such poor examples of wine at the lower end of most restaurant lists? The prices of wines globally remains relatively static, it’s external factors such as increasing duty rates, rents and to some extent reliance on a history of fat margins and high prices which give the consumer such a poor deal when they unwittingly order a glass of house wine. What do you expect to pay for your wine when dining

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  • Untitled Post

    Wirra Wirra, come high up the tables in Halliday’s Guide. Yum!

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  • How sweet is your ‘Alsation’.. wine?!

    There’s talk of a sweetness code for bottles of Alsace. Having been to the New Zealand tasting recently and not known what to expect with each Riesling I think perhaps they may need to follow this lead.  

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  • Hunter Valley sorting the men from the boys.

    Hunter Valley Vineyard area halved.

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